Food for thought.....
10 reasons to eat organic
  1. Top for taste
  2. It's healthy
  3. No nasty additives
  4. Avoids pesticides
  5. GM-Free
  6. Reliance on drugs removed
  7. No hidden costs
  8. High standards
  9. Care for animals
  10. Good for wildlife & enviroment

The soil Association is the UKs leading environmental charity campaigning for a global shift to sustainable, organic food and farming practices.

Founded in 1946 by a far-sighted group of farmers, doctors, and concerned citizens, the orgonisation is dedicated to bringing about change by creating a growing body of public opinion that understands the direct link between farming practice and plant, animal, human and environmental health.

Today the Soil Association is an internationally respected authority on sustainable agriculture and recognised champion of healthy food, which uniquely represents and offers practical solutions to everyone involved in the food chain - farmers, food, processors, retailers and consumers.

For more information on the Soil Association, visit their website at


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