Food for thought.....
Be aware of commercial farmers/ butchers claiming that the meat they produce and sell is as good as organic or Natural, always ask for proof if it's organic they will have a Licence which should be displayed and this should have their licence number on it.

Mark and Alex Cooper have farmed at Log Home Farm since 2005, disappointed with the lack of Organic meats direct from the farm they decided to do it themselves. Log Home Farm is a fully working farm, we take pride in ourselves on our high standards concerning animal husbandry, we decided the future for farming was in Organic.

The land was registered with the Soil Association in 2003, it was fully Organic in 2005. We have our own herd of Pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle, they are fully Organic and are a pure breed and not crossed, the breeding herd all hold pedigrees with The Aberdeen Angus Society with which we are members.

Our Ryland flock of sheep are a rare breed and are also pedigree, there are registered with the Ryland Society; Mark and Alex are also members of the Rare Breed Society Trust.

We have 600 Organic Free Range laying hens, these are Black Rocks, they produce the finest quality eggs, that taste like eggs used to, they are feed on the highest quality Organic chicken feed, the contents of which is always displayed in the farm shop for you to see, these hens have an extensive area to range and scratch and are out all year round only going inside to roost in the evenings, this ensures a good quality egg as the birds are doing what they naturally should do.

At Log Home Farm the animal’s health and welfare are first and foremost.

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We now sell LPG AutogasAberdeen Angus Calves
Ryland Lambs